Inspired by the sea

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Hudson & Armitage began its journey as the vision of one determined bearded man. Walking, as was his habit, along Scotland's wild and unruly coast, he found that his beard took a battering. It needed care and attention. 

The beard oil he was using smelled of chemicals. It couldn't tame his ever growing mane, and eventually he was driven to make his own at home.

He started small, creating a slew of tester bottles for his personal use. It eventually became a small mission. Some worked, some really worked, and some really, really didn't work. But he persevered, and eventually his sea-blown beard found an oil it could handle.     



Things were going well for our founder and his beard. The oil was working, and after testing it some more (on willing humans) the Hudson & Armitage range was born.

He created the range we still sell today, each using a unique blend of 100% natural ingredients to form a collection of distinct beard oils which smell great and are kind to skin. The range caters to the widest possible array of skin types and is designed to aid common issues - from beard itch and shaving irritations through to eczema and general dry skin. 

Today, Hudson & Armitage is the house beard oil for top-tier barbers across the UK, as well as a faithful friend to men across the world. 

From the shores of Scotland's unforgiving coast, Hudson & Armitage was born.